Tailor Made Model Cars

Unique Car Art

Why settle for a photo? This is your car as 3D art to enjoy and show!

Tailor Made Model Cars

People who own special cars want to enjoy them as much as they can. When the car is stored in the garage one can still appreciate the details and craftsmanship of their car at home with a big scale model.

Or perhaps you ordered a special supercar and you have to wait a year before it will be delivered. If you have a model made by us you can already enjoy the car while you wait for the delivery.

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we always wondered how it is possible that one buys and specs a car to their taste, to then settle for a mass-produced scale model that doesn’t come close to what their own car looks like.

Why settle for less?

Normal models generally get a spot on a bookshelf, and it might be the right color, if one is lucky it even has the right rims. But what about the Novitec body kit? And the special contrast stitched diamond leather sport seats you paid tens of thousands of Euros for? Is that something you proudly show to your friends when the model is not correct and the size of a toy?

From experience, we know what most people want is an exact replica, which represents art, craftsmanship, and emotions for you. Something you can show to others and use to tell the story behind your car and the details you picked.