Brand approved

We are in close contact with car brands to ensure the best and most accurate model cars


A lot of people who own special cars like to have a model of it. Just to watch while the car is in the garage. Or maybe you ordered a special Ferrari and you have to wait a year for delivery, so you like to look at a model once in a while? As car enthousiasts we always wondered how it is possible that somebody buys an insane car, with the best spec’s and settles for a standard model of the car.

Why settle for less?

Normal models generally get a spot on a bookshelf and hopefully it has the right color and maybe even has the right rims. But what about the Novitec spoilerset? What about the special contrasting stiched diamond leather sport seats you paid tenthousends of Euros for? Is that something you proudly show to your friends when the model is not correct and the size of a toy?

From experience we know what you want is an exact replica, which is like art and emotions for you. Something you can show and use to tell the story about your car and the details you picked.