Cars for Sale

The Cars

We build our cars with only the best quality materials we can find.
For sample, we use real wood and real leather for the interior and a lot of rhodium for the chrome parts
All the cars are made with care and are hand build.

Because we use a lot of realistic materials we can make the car as realistic as possible.


Every car comes with lot of options.
Not only you can choose the color, but also the materials can be changed.
We use as a standaard rhodium metal for chrome parts but we can also make chrome parts from pure silver, white gold, gold or platinum.
We still experiment with metal body’s, but in the near future it will be available as a option.

The Cars for sale

Because our cars comes with lot of options we don’t have much cars on stock.
We don’t do mass production.
It will happens that it will be on stock, but those have no options to choose from.

Pre order

We start already the design of the models but it take some time to finish it.
Of course you can always reserve a model of it.
The build time will be around 4 month for 1:8 and 6 month on scale 1:4

Custom Cars

We even build custom replica’s from your own car or your favorite car.
We make the perfect replica you desire.
Interior and exterior, we replicate it all, with very high quality materials.

Concept Cars

We can also workout any concept car.
From hand drawing to CAD drawings. we can make all your wishes in the model.

All our cars will comes with a display box and documents about the car with which number it is.
Some models have even paper work from the car brand that they approved the model.

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