Custom projects and Service

Custom cars:

We make custom cars as well.
From your own car or a car what you have in mind.
From classic to future or concept cars.
There is noting what we can’t do.
We build already for big car brands and we have already make some great cars in the passed.
But, we only make custom cars on scale 1/8 and bigger.
Because it cost a lot of time to design and build the cars the price is not realistic for smaller model cars.
For mass production we can go smaller.

Mass production:

Mass production is no problem.
If you want some nice gifts for you clients or you want your own car production car on the market we can arrange it all.
Mass production is from scale 1/87 in different quality ranges.
From 10 tot 150.000 cars.

Restoring cars

We also restore cars from different brands.
But with this service we do restoring only by scale 1/8 cars and bigger.
We can restore the paint, we can design objects and printing new parts.