Information, Cars on request.

This is what makes Big Scale Cars very special, our custom job service. We make entire replica’s of your own or your favorite car(s) on scale 1/8 and 1/4. Custom pictures will be made by our replica team who are specialized in collecting all of the car data, every detail counts information like the km/mile count, number plate. We won’t miss any detail of it. Every color, every sticker or badge will be made of a recplica car.

The custom job starts with a price from €2950,- for a basic curbside model on scale 1/8.
Inside and exterior in a closed model.

Please contact us for more details and quotes.

Options on custom cars:

Metal body. (only scale 1/8 still)
Curbside model with high detailed interior.
Full die cast model.
Working lights.
Any color