Tailor Made

A bespoke Big Scale Car model is tailor made for you, so no two cars of the same type will be the same.
Big Scale Cars doesn’t just make models, we make YOUR car. It is equipped with exactly the same specifications as what’s in your driveway or garage and therefore an exact replica, rather than a generic model which loosely represents your car.

It is art

We make and think of it as a piece of car art, as it is made to bring you emotions and is a one-off.

Besides the “obvious choices”, maybe you added something unique like a widebody, your initials embroidered on the headrest, a carbon fuel cap, or maybe even a side skirt made of gold, who knows? These could be factory options or aftermarket parts and accessories. These are the special details that make your car yours. So you want the exact same on your scale model.

We make it happen. With a great eye for detail, the model is handcrafted exactly like the original car. We use all special materials, and hours and hours of polishing and manual labor by our specialists, until it is identical.

Go big or go home

Your model car can be a modern supercar or a classic of whatever type or brand you want. We make it just for you. So do you own a one-off exotic, of which nobody ever made a model? We will design and build it for you. Even if it is a prototype or simply, your design which doesn’t exist as a real car.