The Story

A lot of people who own special cars like to have a model of it. Maybe just to watch while the car is in the garage. Or maybe you ordered a special Ferrari and you have to wait a year for delivery, so you like to enjoiy an exact model untill then? As car enthousiasts we always wondered how it is possible that somebody buys an insane car, with the best spec’s and settles for a standard model of the car.

Why settle for less?

Normal models generally get a spot on a bookshelf. Hopefully it has the right color and maybe even has the right rims. But what about the special colorscheme, the Novitec spoilerset? What about the special contrasting or diamond stiched leather sport seats you paid tenthousends of Euros for? Is that something you proudly show to your friends if the model is not correct and has the size of a toy? From experience we know what you want is an exact replica, which is like art and emotion for you. Something you can show and use to tell the story about your car and the details you picked.

Not for everybody, but everybody wants it

You aren’t average, you didn’t settle for a standard car, so why would you settle for a standard model. And thinking of that, why placing a piece of art in your hall or office instead of the real art: your car? Something everybody brings a smile or wants to know about. Therefore we wanted to create exact replica’s of your car in scale 1:4. The results are astonishing detailed models with exactly every special option. Of course our 1:8 models are completely handcrafted, detailed and tailormade, but our specialty and unique offer is our 1:4 scale model. And true, it is a luxureus good which not everybody can affort, but our clients are not ordinary.

Go big or go home

We are most proud of 1:4 scale models, which not only have every detail of your car, but have the size to be the real work of art, you can proudly display on a pedestal. These ones can’t be overlooked and bring a presence in the room.

Not just a model, but an experience

When you buy your special car, you don’t just go on the internet, click some options and wait for the postman. You want to feel special, a nice treatment, advice with configuration, have a great day with coffee or maybe even champagne. Buying a special car is an experience and so it is at Big Scale Cars. The first step is online when you send us all the information about the car along with photo’s, but then it starts. We will contact you about the details and you will experience that ordering a Big Scale Car is not just ordering a model. For example, we are also used to clients who visit us. Our showroom in The Netherlands is located near the airfield (also for private flights) and we like to discus all your whishes during lunch or diner in our restaurant. That will make the experience complete and gives us more opportunity to show you are buying a piece of car art.


The models are handcrafted and start with inhouse 3D designs. Every part will be seperately produced with different ways of production and painting, depending on the used materials. All parts will be collected and assembled by hand, so each car will take approximately 8 to 12 weeks to be finished. The finished model can be sent to you in an beautifull display, but to complete de experience we also can arrange more personal ways of delivery in our restaurant or even on your location.

The present for people who have everything

Do you recognise you want to buy a present, but the one you love already seems to have everything? Everytime you think of something he/she will have bought it or will do so in a blink. So how do you supprise anybody like that? A Big Scale Car model is the one thing every car enthousiast loves and is so special that he/she will always remember the moment he/she revealed the unexpected present. Something with an eye of detail and maybe never expected from you regarding your interests. It is possible, because even when you don’t care about cars, you don’t know details and you have no time for it, the only thing we need to make the best present ever are pictures. So when you want to surprise somebody in an epic way? Just contact us.

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